‘Cold Fish Pieces (for Grandpa)’ 2018. Bronze casts of haddock skins. 38×13 cm (Held in Private Collection)
'Sample I' 2015 Vivian Ross-Smith
‘Sample I’ 2015. Mixed media on Cement (framed). 23x27cm
'Sample II' 2015 Vivian Ross-Smith
‘Sample II’ 2015. Mixed media on Cement (framed). 23x27cm
'Sample III' 2015.Vivian Ross-Smith
‘Sample III’ 2015. Mixed media on Wood (framed). 23x27cm
'Land Lines' 2015 Vivian Ross-Smith
‘Land Lines’ 2015. Wood and Aluminium. 40x43cm
'Co-Existence' 2015
‘Co-Existence’ 2015. Cement, Resin, Onyx and Silver Leaf on Wood (framed). 64x34cm (In private collection)
'Tundra' 2015
Tundra, 2015. Mixed Media in resin. 30cm x 30cm
Tectonic, 2014. Mixed media in resin. 181cm x 143cm. (Held in Private Collection)
Thule, 2013
Thule, 2013. Moonstone, labradorite, silver leaf, metal and wood. 87cm x 60cm (Held in private collection)
Plutonic, 2013. Mixed media in resin. 244cm x 244cm (Commissioned piece)