Welcoming 2016

How is it February already?! January appears to have disintegrated into a blur of future planning, Up-Helly-Aa celebrations, art and travelling! Here’s a wee recap… The year started off sleepily but the cobwebs and lazy bones were quickly energised with the wild weather hitting into Shetland, some dramatic wave watching was enjoyed and reminded me of […]

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Mavis Grind

Shetland has a tendency to merge its seasons. We don’t have a clear Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring layout and its a common saying that in Shetland you can experience all 4 seasons in one day – in other words the weather is erratic, very erratic! One thing that teaches us Shetlanders is to appreciate each and […]

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Nearly there! It’s been a very busy few months pulling together this solo show but I’m just about finished and happy that everything is on track for opening on 11th September at the lovely Newave Gallery. It’s a beautiful space right in the centre of Aberdeen, overlooking The Castlegate. The gallery is absolutely flooded with […]

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