islandness is a living experiment. An open platform spanning the North Atlantic, this project explores life on two northern islands through the art practices of two islanders: Jane Walker (Newfoundland) and Vivian Ross-Smith (Shetland). islandness aims to bring people and place together, forging new bonds among individuals, artists and communities through making and gathering.

Now in its second phase, a new series of public programming will take place in Shetland throughout October and November 2018. Once again Jane and I are asking the communities we work within to be the centre of the project. We are excited to deepen this work with more conversations, further sharing of skills and a continuation of our research started last year in Newfoundland.

islandness is a multi-dimensional project reliant on individuals wanting to get involved and generously share their time, knowledge and experiences as a group during open public events. The project is a way of sharing traditional and contemporary island experiences, practices, and materials. We find ourselves contemplating the melding of social leisure and labour as an important aspect of community in island contexts. The unhurried conversations, object making, and the use of communal spaces for islandness programming works for us because it is a natural way of island being and sharing.

If you are in Shetland over October + November, please join us for any or all of the events. Everyone is welcome.

You can download a copy of the poster for sharing here: islandness Shetland poster