Shetland has survived another winter. Despite the current cold weather, the days are lightening and feeling much less heavy now.

I have used the winter to ponder over islandness and start to visualise with my collaborator Jane  how we can reimagine the project for Shetland. This next set of programming will take place in several Shetland locations in Autumn 2018…more on that soon.

In the studio, I have been busy making as usual. This time with the end goal of a solo show in An Tobar in Tobermory, Mull.

Vivian Ross-Smith Poster A.jpg

‘Living on Fair Isle and later the Shetland mainland, we spent every summer travelling from Shetland to Mull and back again. Island hopping remains a key part of my life.’
(Vivian Ross-Smith, 2018)

Vivian Ross-Smith’s grandfather was a Mull man, her exhibition “Half oot afore i’ da left,” considers her family ties with Mull and Shetland via her mother’s old croft on Fair Isle, where she grew up.  
Through painting, textiles, sculpture and metalwork the artist explores notions of life, death, illness, healing, and dependency, alongside her changing relationship to her island homes

The opening will be on Friday 6th April and the exhibition will run until 1 June. I hope this inspires some of you to take a trip to my second island home.

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