​Last year I had the delight of being announced the winner of the ‘Painting, Drawing and Sculpture’ category of the Shetland Open Exhibition. As a result the other three category winners (Aimee Labourne, Jeanette Nowak, Gillian Bridle) and I had the pleasure of making work for a group show at Bonhoga Gallery.

Time was of the essence however with the announcement taking place in October and the exhibition happening in April so we had a very limited time to pull together the work. Just to add some extra pressure I also had a solo show during this time. Always good to be busy though… *insert manic nervous face here*!

‘Traces II’ Preserved haddock skins with aluminium frame. 84 x 54 cm

Through a series of three works I explore the marks we as humans leave on our landscape and consider how permanent the alternations we make during our time here really are.
‘Traces’ and ‘Traces II’ use traditional skills to emphasise the colours, textural variations and vastness of our land and sea.

‘Traces’ Hand knitted and Stitched wool. 78 x 130cm.


‘Walking in Winter’ evokes a feeling of vulnerability where fleshy tones are noticeable through layers and washes of paint representing the cold and consuming elements of our northern islands.

‘Walking in Winter’ Acrylic and gloss medium on canvas. 91 x 61cm
‘Traces II’ Preserved haddock skins with aluminium frame. 84 x 54 cm

‘Traces’ is open to visitors at Bonhoga Gallery until 11th June please do drop by for a look if you are in the area!



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