Firstly, I must apologise. My blog has been neglected and I have not been sharing any of my emotions, inspirations or adventures onto this lovely little space on the internet I have made for myself. I have however, had a very wonderful and busy summer packed full of work and travel. So, here is a very brief roundup!

After my much loved time at Scottish Sculpture Workshop at the start of the year, I journeyed back North to Shetland, where I stayed for most of the summer, with just a few adventures punctuating the season.

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At the end of May I enjoy a very spectacular adventure around Iceland’s ring road with my other half, we rented a small van in which we travelled, slept, ate and fell in love with the fantastic country of ice and fire. So many times I have nearly written a blog post to share some of the many photos I took whilst there, but the time has never seemed right and now I believe it is past. Maybe that is a sign that I need to go back (possibly on residency) and really document my time there to share amongst all you lovely readers.

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I also enjoyed some family time in Fair Isle, which is always a joy and completely pulls on my heart strings making me want to pack up life and commit to moving back…maybe one day.

I had the great pleasure of organising and taking part in a VAU curated exhibition at Patriothall Gallery. Aptly titled ‘Method (in the madness)’ the six artists exhibiting, including myself, showed work that was process based and concerned with methods of making art work that may be seen as out with the “norm”…whatever that is! It was a truly brilliant exhibition, so I thank everyone who came along to visit and support it.


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Amongst a lot of working on various projects, exhibitions and plans for the future, the summer has just disintegrated into a blur. For the next while though I promise to commit time for reflection and sharing as I have already embarked on my next adventure. I am writing this as I look out through the trees and onto the Baltic sea. I am back once more in wonderful Finland. I will stay here as Artist in Residence at AARK in the Finnish Archipelago for 2 months as I make new work for an upcoming exhibition (more details on that in the near future).
It feels so fantastic to be here amongst the archipelago where I have head space, time to make work and inspiration all around me. What a joy.

More soon, but for now I hope you are all well and had a lovely summer full of creativity and excellent adventures.

4 thoughts on “ Time ticks away…and all of a sudden I’m in Finland again. ”

  1. I failed to comment when you posted this, but I just did a re-read over morning coffee, and I wanted to say that I find your perspective on the world and on making art engaging and inspiring. I follow you on Instagram for your striking images (in particular of place), but it’s your posts here I think I enjoy the most. Very glad to see you’ve been posting a bit more frequently, and I hope you’re inspired to continue the habit.

    1. I love hearing of you reading my posts over morning coffee – thank you for taking the time to do so and for your wonderful feedback.
      I struggle with posting on my blog sometimes, words often fail me unfortunately. I find it a lot easier to turn my experiences into art and photographs rather than a blog post, hence why I post on Instagram a lot more. But I do want to try and continue writing blog posts regularly. Hearing from readers like yourself really encourages me to do so. Thank you for your comment and I hope you are well 🙂

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