Shetland has a tendency to merge its seasons. We don’t have a clear Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring layout and its a common saying that in Shetland you can experience all 4 seasons in one day – in other words the weather is erratic, very erratic!
One thing that teaches us Shetlanders is to appreciate each and every fine day. Ironically I am writing this as the driving rain and wind is battering against my windows…

IMG_3948I thought I would share a few photos from my last ‘fine day walk’ over at Mavis Grind. As you pull up to the area, you are greeted by Shetland’s answer to the Hollywood sign – “Welcome to Northmavine”. In the foreground of the above picture you can see a fantastic man-made wall showing samples of all the various geology you can find in the area. Mavis Grind is thought to have once been a magma chamber, feeding volcanoes such as the one at Eshaness – Shetland is definitely deserving of it’s ‘GeoPark’ title.

The area also has some wonderful remains of a Bronze Age settlement, you can still clearly see the layout of stone house’s and the surrounding wall’s.

IMG_4064IMG_3993As if this wee area of our rugged island wasn’t special enough already…Mavis Grind is also said to be the only place in Britain where you can throw a stone across land from the North Sea to the Atlantic Ocean.

Cairn with North Sea in background and Atlantic Ocean in foreground

IMG_4023I was completely engrossed in spotting the fantastically coloured mushrooms dotted amongst the grass, the weird and wonderful forms were small but sat confidently in the landscape.IMG_4048IMG_4001 IMG_3981

IMG_3950I was dressed very appropriately for the mushrooms we were finding. Can’t go wrong with a trusty Fjall Raven Kanken backpack and my beloved one of a kind yoke jumper. The Autumnal colour palette is my absolute favourite.IMG_3978It turned out to be a very special day of wandering, a wee mouse even popped out to say cheerio as we headed home again…IMG_4018

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