IMGP3535There’s been a strange lull in life with the studio being empty and most of my work being exhibited in my solo show, Erosions. This past month has been a time for some much needed chilling out and a lot of catching up with my other art baby, Visual Artist Unit. Although VAU is Scotland wide, we base the organisation from our studio’s in Glasgow. Which results in a major time (and money) commitment for me travelling up and down….but if you know me, you’ll know I can never sit still for too long. I love to travel, even if it just within our lovely wee country.

During a recent very calm crossing between Shetland and mainland Scotland I had some fantastic atmospheric views of Fair Isle. The Northlink Ferry always passes by Fair Isle but if the sea is rough it can’t get too close and with the Winter nights drawing in you soon won’t be able to see it when passing by at 9pm! During the long 14 hour crossing (12hours if not stopping in at Orkney) it is rather tempting to just go straight to the cabin and get a good early night to pass the time but I always keep an eager eye out until we have gone past Fair Isle, its defnitely a habit now! IMGP3545IMG_2878IMGP3559IMGP3549While we sailed past I stood beside two strangers (seen in the picture above) I was listening to them chattering about Fair Isle and excitedly taking lots of photographs and couldn’t help but feel privileged to have grown up in such an enchanting place.IMG_2879The winter is rapidly drawing in and night time is about to become a prominent feature of the Shetland day. If you’ve ever spent a winter this far North you’ll understand how consuming it can be.

Something I love dearly, yet often struggle with…


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