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An old art school tutor of mine once said that you can always tell who the artists at an exhibition are because they will be the ones pressed up against the wall right next to the work, figuring out how the piece was put together. I completely agree. I find myself being far too intruiged at trying to peek round the back of a painting, seeing how the canvas corners have been folded in, how the frame has been made or how the paint has been applied. It’s the execution of the work that I find most interesting. The main reason I think so many artists do this is because it’s damn hard to go to an exhibition and not think about it in relation to your own work.

Da Fishing Hands O' Fair Isle, 2013. 390cm x 90cm (In private collection)
Da Fishing Hands O’ Fair Isle, 2013. 390cm x 90cm (In private collection)

I’ve always really loved frames but previously never thought they had a place in my work. I’ve found the textural, often ragged, natural outlines of my work to be very hard to frame appropriately.
I decide though that for my upcoming show at Newave Gallery, frames would actually accentuate the work well – so I gave it a go. I want to make the work more like an object and consider the frames as a display case, holding a textural treat within.

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I recruited  the help of my other half (and his joinery skills) and between us we’ve been firing out box frames for the past few days! I’ve been really enjoying the process of making them, it’s fiddly and meticulous and sets off the work really well. I’m excited to get some good quality photos of them when they are up on the gallery walls.

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I’ve been very much engrossed in the studio recently which is great but unfortunately means I’ve not been out on many walks or adventures. My geology collection sadly has had no new additions since the couple of stones collected in Morocco. I am of course though, still admiring my existing collection! The other day I ordered some new walking boots so I think when they arrive I will have to pry myself out of the studio and enjoy the outdoors a wee bit more. But for now….back to work!

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Turbine Inspiration

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