I was very thankful and excited to be heading off on a wee overseas adventure recently. I was definitely feeling in need of new scenery and a new culture to immerse myself in. My other half and I decided to take a jaunt to North Africa and discover the intensity of Morocco. First of all though I squeezed in a weekend with family in beautiful Mull.

I have a lot of family on the West Coast of Scotland, so Mull (more specifically Tobermory) is like a second home for me. Last time I was on Mull was for Creative Carbon Scotland’s Arts and Sustainability Residency, which was full of work and inspiring discussion with some fantastic people, but it was strange being there without the sole aim to relax and catch up with loved ones! Along with downtime in Tobermory, we took a nice day trip on the ferry from to Kilchoan. The scenery was gorgeous and we had wonderful weather for it, its always enjoyable to discover Scotland further. I feel very fortunate to be from such a gorgeous country.

Our main adventure was waiting though and just a 4hour flight from Glasgow, we were in a very different part of the world! As soon as we arrived we were blown over by Marrakech’s intensity. The heat, the smells (good and bad), the colours, the people, the tastes. It is overwhelming! We definitely didn’t expect to be woken at 4am every morning by the morning call to prayer, however. Our days were filled with walking, exploring the souks, eating far too much, buying spices and trying to dodge the millions of scooters zooming past!

We stole away from the heat and people of the city and enjoyed a day in the Atlas Mountains. After a windy drive amongst some of the most intensely red rock I have ever seen, we arrived to a small Berber village right on the edge of the Atlas. We ditched the car and started walking along narrow (or none existent) paths up into the mountains. The walk got steeper and steeper until we had to use a ladder in some parts to climb the huge rocks until we reached a tiny cafe barely perched on the edge of the mountain. A quick mint tea and we were winding around the mountain again back to the berber village. What an amazing day!

A highlight of our Moroccan adventure was a fresh and crisp get away to the coastal calm of Essaouira. It still had some of that Moroccan madness but definitely had more of a low-key feel to it, just what we like!

We had a great wee get away and was so nice to fuel my ever growing travel obsession! Its now back to reality but most importantly back to the studio. My solo show at Newave Gallery is edging closer and closer and the work is slowly getting pulled together, to form the show. I decided to take a quick trip to Aberdeen to see the Gray’s School of Art degree show. The exhibition, as always, was fantastic and it was so nice to be back in the art school seeing friends and old tutors. I definitely feel at home there and its always inspiring being back in an excitable art school environment. I miss my days there very much!

I am back home now in not-so-summery Shetland and working away like mad in the studio. I enjoy this stage of making when the work starts coming together, the pressure is on to get the show finished and you get to see all your ideas becoming reality. Stay tuned for a progress post soon!

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