I have a tendency to spend far too much time collecting and then arranging rocks…yes I do think that is indeed a very valuable way to spend my time! My beloved geology shelf gets fresh displays often and I find great inspiration from sorting my many rocks and samples into different combinations, finding similarities while also enjoying the stark differences. Luckily with Shetland’s fantastic varying geology it is easy to build up an interesting collection. As I mentioned in my previous blog post I am preparing for an exhibition in Aberdeen’s Newave Gallery so am busy working away in the studio creating new works. I’ve been enjoying experimenting with various materials including concrete, resin and metal. The works is still very much in the early stages but some pieces are starting to take shape already. Only time will tell what the exhibition will look like in the end though!

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In between my day job, working in the studio and planning a wee getaway to Morocco (!!!) there’s been a couple of lovely island adventures enjoyed. One being to the amazing Stones of Stofast, huge rocks transported during the ice age that now jut out of the hillside. We couldn’t quite manage to climb to the very top of the rocks due to Shetland’s signature extreme winds but we had lovely time walking through the dense grass and heather in the surrounding area whilst admiring the geology.

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In my considerations of how human’s scar and alter natural landscapes I have been thinking of the form of quarries. A wee visit to a granite quarry on the west side of Shetland recently reminded me again of my intrigue with these strange adaptations to the landscape. I have considered man made holes such as quarries in past works, notably for a commissioned piece, ‘Plutonic’ and often find myself being drawn to  shape and line in the land. Recently I have been paying close attention to circles in the landscape, be that in the shape of a quarry, the form of a broch or a ring of mineral in a stone.

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In other recent news I had a lovely wee feature of my work in new Scottish zine, Northern Renewal. Two of my pieces, ‘Tectonic’ and ‘Thule’ were featured in their ‘Green Surge’ issue which was initially inspired by the recent surge in membership that the Scottish Green Party but more fully explored arts and creativity considered with environmental themes. So, pick up a copy if you see one kicking about and support new Scottish ventures in the art world.

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