IMG_8648I have recently been in a long research focused and experimental stage of my practice and am just starting to resolve this into finished works. I believe it is very important to always keep making work simply for the sake of making but I do find great benefit in having a focus and something to work towards. It has come at a very appropriate time then that I have a solo exhibition confirmed in Aberdeen’s Newave Gallery later in the year. So I am now getting into the fun part of my art practice…making! With a head filled with ideas, textures and colours, I can start to mould these considerations and reflections into forms.

Ever since I took part in the wonderfully inspiring Mull Art and Sustainability Residency I have been deeply thinking about how issues of sustainability effect my pracitce. Within my work I have always considered how humans use the land but my thoughts are now shifting to how humans effect the land.
Shetland has just okayed the building of 103 windmills in the central mainland of our islands as part of the controversial Viking Energy wind-farm. While this plan has been developed to work towards a sustainable future, the 145m tall turbines will indeed permanently scar the layout of our islands. I’m not saying that I am for or against the project but I have watched over its progression with interest and intrigue. Along with other recent interests of mine this has inspired this new body of work contrasting natural environments with human existence.


For now I am trying to spend all my extra time getting messy with resin, paint, wood and cement, while I start to pull work together for this future exhibition. If only every day could be spent in the studio!

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