During the long winter months, light can be a rarity when you live as far North as Shetland. Night stretches on, the sun is always low in the sky and the darkness can be consuming. I enjoy the dramatic weather, the wild winds and the feeling of remoteness that comes with winter but it can also cast a shadow over your mind. Winters can be tough in Shetland.

A few months ago, as the days started to inch shorter and darkness was taking hold, I got thinking about light and its importance within life and my art practice. I’ve always loved resin as a medium but I especially enjoy the way it interacts with light and reacts to the conditions of it’s surroundings. If light is hitting a resin surface it can glare over entire area’s, muting the beneath layers. Simultaneously it can reveal and highlight details of those layers, showing the story of how it was formed. Ice and Snow can be viewed in the same way, blanketing the landscape with both dullness and clarity it creates a new surface while hinting at what lies underneath.

421048_10150590778826695_162194076_nIce detail – Finland 2012

I took these considerations and moulded them into the finished piece that is pictured below. The natural light shining through the window today was perfect for photographing the work with a long light-filled shadow.

I had a wee smile to myself as I woke up this morning to the first proper blue sky I’ve seen in a long time. Spring is on its way in and I am very happy to see the light returning to Shetland.

Below – ‘Tundra‘ 2015.  Glass wax, paint, mica, copper sulphate, metal, and resin on wood.





One thought on “ Capturing Light ”

  1. Lovely and intriguing work that catches my imagination. You are so right about the importance of light in the north and yes, today was a beautiful blue sky day in Shetland; it touched me and made me think of the voar coming, with more certainty. It was fresh and revealing, like your images Vivienne.

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