A friend and fellow Shetland artist gave me a recommendation to go and search through the shelves of the Shetland Amenity Trust’s geology samples. The prospect of shelves full of rocks always get me rather excited so I was eager to find out if I could come and have a peek for myself. One of the excellent benefits of being an artist is that most organisations are more than happy for you to look through their collections. I had a brilliant experience a couple of years ago looking through Aberdeen Councils granite samples in aid of researching a commission I was doing at the time. I had the same experience at the Shetland Amenity Trust, they were very accommodating and allowed me to go right ahead and rummage around…much to my delight!

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It really is a wonderful collection and all of the samples were all found in Shetland (We definitely deserve our GeoPark title!). I have just embarked on producing a new body of work, based around Shetland’s geology. Shetland’s landscape and geology in general is something that forever fuels my practice but I haven’t yet made a collection of works based solely on the geological make up of our islands. So, I thought this was a good place to start in terms of research and begin to piece together some of my many jumbled ideas.

Shetland’s geology is vast and varying. Just from taking a walk around one of the many points of geological interest, you are bound to find some geology treats to take home. I always end up with pocket fulls after each walk…and my poor boyfriends pockets get filled too! I am really looking forward to getting on some more long walks now that the days up here in the far North are starting to lengthen again. In the mean time though, I need to unpack my collection from their respective bags and boxes and get a proper shelf display so I can easily be inspired at every glance.

My geology shelfA very small sample of my collection

Geology is one of those fascinations that really consumes me. I love the layers and the merging of different colour, surfaces, densities and textures. I find the formations of crystal and rock fascinating and would love to learn more of the science behind geology. Whilst reading wordy geology books I do find myself getting slightly overwhelmed though and just decided to take the rocks in as stand alone objects, unique and beautiful.

Shetland Amenity Trust Geology Samples

Stay tuned for more geology inspired works very soon…

4 thoughts on “ Shetland Geology ”

  1. This is really interesting – thank you for sharing the photos! I’ve not had the opportunity to visit Shetland yet, but my dad was a geologist and I bought the British Geological Survey’s Bedrock Geology map on the my last trip to Scotland. Shetland is amazingly diverse.

    I found your blog via Kate Davies’ recent post, and I’m enjoying looking at your work. Your large geology-inspired installations are spectacular.

    1. I’m glad you’ve found a route to my blog and you’re enjoying a wee peek into my art 🙂
      Shetlands geology is fantastically diverse and a joy to explore. I hope you get a chance to visit Shetland soon, it really is a wonderful place. Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. I went to Wool Week last fall and somehow managed to find myself in various Shetland gravel pits, old mines and exquisite landscapes absolutely in love with the rocks of Shetland. You are right, the geology is complex, but the lack of vegetation gives it such an available feeling for us used to forest cover etc.. What a treasure this earth puzzle! I’d give anything to come back and spend more time in Unst.

    1. You’re very right! Our geology is so easy to find due to our land being exposed. Shetland’s landscape is very moulded by the wind and elements that it really would look odd with more trees and vegetation, in my mind anyway! And I just love the colours of the moss and heather that covers the hills. Beautiful. Thanks for reading 🙂

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