Some friends and I have been working away on a project together since we left art school, all those many months ago and that project is called Visual Artist Unit.

As we drew closer to the end of our time at art school, my Gray’s friends and I realised that what we had gained and learned together was so valuable that loosing the art school community spirit was not an option, so our collective was formed. Visual Artist Unit C.I.C is an artist led not for profit Community Interest Company supporting emerging artists based in Scotland, and making art more accessible to the wider community.


We have recently just had our first members show in the Old Hairdressers, Glasgow. It was great to exhibit alongside my friends and fellow members again and it was just like a mini degree show, very exciting!

IMG_2256.JPGIMG_2247.JPGIMG_2290.JPGIf you would like to learn more about what we do and how you can get involved then please find us on the following links:

VAU Website –

VAU Facebook –

VAU Indiegogo Campaign –

VAU Instagram –

VAU Twitter –

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