Shetland’s glorious summer is upon us once again. Endless days, atmospheric light and plenty on evenings filled with outdoor adventures.

I love the seasons – the colours of Autumn, flowers of Spring, wild dramatic days of Winter but when you are as far north as we are in Shetland, there really isn’t anything like the Summer.

20140711-232345-84225990.jpgI have been working away in the studio, as always, but to be honest I find myself trying to be outside as much as possible right now – which often means studio time is shortened. Summer is a special time on the Islands, everyone is so full of energy and eager to make something of each calm day. Long walks are enjoyed by the vast majority, the evenings are spent looking skyward at colourful sunsets and the days are spent wishing you weren’t working…like today!

20140711-232346-84226771.jpgLots of time spend adventuring outside means a lot of photo-taking (as you can see!) and gathering inspirations for new work. This process is definitely useful when the Winter comes and everyone seems to spend all day inside avoiding the severe weather, for me its usually hiding away in the studio.

I’ve been re-kindling my love with Shetland’s geology which is just magnificent – the colours especially.20140711-232347-84227568.jpgI recently spent a sunny afternoon visiting The Burn of Lunklet, on the west of Shetland. Not only is the ‘burn’ a beautiful place in itself, the vast majority of rocks are just layered to the brim with glimmering Mica. It is distributed nicely in the earth and when the water is disturbed it shines out from underneath the water. My love of all things shiny went into overload!! Mica is a beautiful mineral and one that I have used (in flaked form) within a lot of my work in the past, so to see it in such huge quantities right here in Shetland has basically made my Summer!  Here’s  a few photographs of the Burn of Lunklet and some rocks I collected during my visit there.


Of course not every day of Summer is beautiful (far from it!) we are in the middle of the North Sea after all, but even through the thick fog it still looks rather gorgeous…Maybe I am just an old romantic though!


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