The Shetland Open happens every couple of years and is a great chance to show your work alongside both established and emerging artists. The exhibition takes place at  Bonhoga Art Gallery, Weisdale, Shetland and a piece of my work titled ‘Peat Banks’ will be on show there for the coming weeks.


'Peat Banks' (Sketch) 2014'Peat Banks' 2014The piece is made of 100% Shetland Wool bought from Lerwick’s wonderful Jamieson & Smith’s. The colour of Shetland’s landscape, especially in the peat banks, was the real inspiration behind the piece so as you can imagine I had many fun hours thinking of colour combinations and knitting away.

'Peat Banks' Detail 2014The Shetland Open exhibition will be running from 26th April until 1st June, so get along and have a peek if you can. There are some truly beautiful pieces on show. Especially from two highly talented friends of mine, Ella and Amy. Im usually the odd one out using strange materials such as fish skins, seaweed and resin (they are both textiles ladies) so it was nice to see us all having textile based works on show.

Until next time 🙂




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