Its been a very busy  few of months in the studio.  I have been working towards a show that will be opening this Saturday, 15th February 2014, in my home town of Lerwick, Shetland.

I have been fortunate enough to show work in a variety of places and settings both in Scotland and abroad but have never had a large amount of my work shown in Shetland.  So, myself and Gemma Balfour, another talented local artist and fellow art student from Gray’s, teamed up to organise a show at Da Gadderie within the Shetland Museum and Archives.

Fragments PosterOur show, titled ‘Fragments’ is a visual exploration of Shetland’s unique geological formations. Our exhibited works stem from the same inspirations; exploring the landscape and rock that forms the islands we inhabit. I was really excited for Gemma and I to exhibit together due to the fact that theoretically our work is very similar yet visually and aesthetically we approach it from very different perspectives.


Back in November I was very delighted to be awarded the Shetland Arts Visual Art and Craft Award. This funding was essential in the development and production of my latest body of work that will be on show at Da Gadderie. I always feel a great sense of community when I am at home in Shetland and this is no different within the art scene. Shetland Arts are a real attribute to Shetland and excellent support for creative people living on the isles is always present.

If you find yourself in Lerwick this Saturday please feel free to come to Da Gadderie from 2pm onwards and enjoy the opening with myself and Gemma.

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