Research, read, consider.

Write, sketch, explore.

Make, do, form.

Reveal, react, progress.

I have been struggling the past few months.  Having finished a large commission and reluctantly given back my loaned studio space in Gray’s I found myself for the first time in about 5 years without a place to make work.  I was going crazy!  Luckily my dad has kindly given me a corner of his stained glass studio and I find myself feeling a sense of great relief as I can get back to work.

I am currently completely obsessed with geology, particularly that of Shetland’s.  I have always been interested in linking science and art and I often use chemicals within my work but understanding the basics and terminology of geology seems like I am attempting to learn a new language.  It has been fascinating starting to understand how our landscape has naturally formed, merged and separated to the place we inhabit.

For now I am feeling vocally very quiet but inside my mind I am excitedly figuring out how to form my next work.  I adore the research stage of projects.  Spending hours reading, sketching, talking to people with fantastic knowledge that I end up being envious of.  Getting excited over ideas before quickly scrapping them and forming others in their place.  It’s such a fun stage where nothing is certain and anything is possible.  Something to be savoured.


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