During the summer I have been busy working away completing a new art work I was commissioned to make by Knight Property Group.  The piece will hang in the entrance hall of their new office’s in Westhill, Abedeen.

Vivian 2

Plutonic 2013

My inspiration was to make a piece  based on Aberdeen’s long history of using Granite as a building material.  Recently I have become fascinated with geology in art, I have always loved crystals and find their natural formations so intriguing.  The process rock goes through in order to form was the key idea behind this piece, I wanted to consider each element and gradient of the granite and reflect this through the layering of material.

IMG_5270Resin Detail


As always with my work, material choice was very important.  I used resin as a binding material, slowly building it up.  Within each pouring of resin I added layers of flat colour, iridescent and metallic paint, along with crystals, chips of rock, including granite and shards of glass.

IMG_5247The piece consists of four individual panels, 2.44 metres squared in total when placed together.  Due to the  resin covering the piece  it will be subject to change and adaption in relation to the weather, light quality and time of day of the office space; encasing and shielding some areas whilst displaying and highlighting others.

The next step is to install it into its new home!


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