Grays School of Art Blog showing the Grays School of Art Painting Degree Show. Well done class of 2013!

Gray's School of Art

Vivian Ross-Smith


Stuart NobleStuartNoble1StuartNoble3StuartNoble2

Grant McNicollGrantMcNicoll1GrantMcNicoll2GrantMcNicoll3

Sharron BonnarsharronBonnar1sharronBonnar2sharronBonnar3Amy Brown


Jen BradleyJen Bradley1Jen bradley2JenBradley3TomaszWrobel


Rachel CurrieRachelCurrie1RachelCurrie2RachelCurrie3

Thomas HeitlerThomasHeitler1ThomasHeitler2ThomasHeitler3Robyn Boyle

Robyn Boyle1Robyn Boyle2Robyn Boyle3

Karen RennieKarenRennie1KarenRennie2KarenRennie3Annirose Ansbro


Laura McGlincheyLauraMcGlinchey1LauraMcGlinchey2LauraMcGlinchey3

Arianna MoranAriannaMoran1AriannaMoran2AriannaMoran3Catriona Bishop

CatrionaBishop1CatrionaBishop2CatrionaBishop3Emma Rogers

Emma Rogers1Emma Rogers2Emma Rogers3

Fiona McCubbinFionaMcCubbin1FionaMcCubbin2FionaMcCubbin3Jon Nicolson


David McDiarmidDavidMcDiarmid1DavidMcDiarmid2DavidMcDiarmid3

Jamie Steele



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