This past couple of weeks have been a blur of nerves, excitement and lots of preparation but Gray’s School of Art Degree Show 2013 is now up and running!  The private view took place on Friday night with an evening of chatting and enjoying the work on show by a vast number of visitors.  Its been an incredibly surreal yet fantastic experience and it couldn’t have gone better.  The feedback relating to the whole show has been so positive and again I find myself feeling very lucky to have been part of my year group.


IMGP0668Business Card Boxvivian ross-smith Catalogue


IMGP0363‘Da Fishing Hands O’ Fair Isle’






If you’re interested in Gray’s School of Art or want to know more about the set up and installation of the degree show, take a look at the art schools blog for more information.  Or even better come to Gray’s and see for yourself, its open until Saturday 22nd June from 10am-8pm and theres always someone on hand for a chat!


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