The countdown has well and truly begun for Grays School of Art degree show 2013.  Since our pre-degree show in February everyone has been working hard to get a good body of work underway that will make up our individual degree shows.  For me I have been having a fantastic time experimenting with material and surface since producing Suomi’ for our Edinburgh exhibition.  Within my work the use of natural material is very important to me, allowing those materials to interact and work within a piece, highlighting their natural beauty within colour and texture.  I find that this is most realised when placed alongside a contrast, this may be a conflicting surface, colour or discipline and I realise this by altering the surface; making the viewer really consider each element individually and as a whole.IMG_0717

Now that we are drawing closer to the degree show all our ideas, influences and inspirations are being gathered up and slotted together to make our end work.  After spending time concentrating on surface, linear patterns are starting to appear again within my work in natural and manmade forms.  At first I was unsure how I would use this obsession with line and pattern in my end degree show but it has naturally surfaced and found its place within my works.  This contrast has really made sense to me, placing exact straight line within unruly materials explains perfectly how I see living within remote locations, the manmade attempting to work with the natural.

IMGP9591I am very tempted to share all photographs of my works in progress right now…but that would be telling!

Alongside all our individual work as a group of Fourth Year painters we have to raise funds to help produce our degree show in June, these funds will be used primarily to produce and supply a high quality exhibition catalogue, with the rest going towards materials costs for preparing the studio spaces for presenting work, as well as for providing drinks and catering at the open night of the exhibition.  As part of our fund raising efforts we have set up a crowd funding website and all donations of any size are very welcome, so if you would like to get involved please take a look at our Indiegogo site.  We completely understand that funding is not an option for many people so even just sharing our page would be greatly appreciated!

If you are interested in Grays School of Art fourth year painters as a group please have a look at our new website.

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