The last few weeks have been all go and its been fantastically exciting!  After a lovely wee break at home for Up-Helly-Aa (Shetland’s fire festival) and plenty of catching up with friends and family it was back to the studio for early starts and late finishes.  After dissertation hand in the painting studios have erupted into a hive of activity with everyone producing work at a brilliant rate and the atmosphere is infectiously energetic!

My painter pals and I have been busy organising and preparing for an exhibition we are putting on in Edinburgh at the end of the month and I can’t believe it is so nearly upon as already.  The exhibition is a selection of work from us, the final year painting students studying at Gray’s School of Art.  The whole experience has been a really important for us as we have had to organise fundraising, advertising, and all other arranging, curating and hanging of the show and we are very nearly there!  The private view is Friday 22ndFeb. 18.30 – 22.00 at The Art’s Complex, St Margaret’s House, 151 London Road, Edinburgh, EH7 6AE and the show is running until 3rdMarch.  So if any of you lovely readers find yourself in Edinburgh at that time, please pop by and see what we have to offer!


But until then work continues to get everything finished and wrapped up for travelling down to the capital…



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