As predicted, January has proven to be a fantastically hectic month.  My thoughts have been consumed with everything dissertation related as I finally put the final details into my document before sending it off to be graded.  All in all I have really enjoyed writing it and the whole process has definitely helped me to pull together a lot of ideas and thoughts to slowly make sense of them all, which in turn has helped my studio practice brilliantly.  Good times all round!


The usual grey setting of Aberdeen has been blanketed over with sparkling snow for the last week along with most of Britain, much to my great excitement.  I was starting to feel a little bit suffocated with work and in need of some inspiration so the snow was a welcome sight to me as I just love it, filled with lots memories of Finland.  Winter has to be my favourite time of year, there is something extraordinary about the light, especially on  cold crisp mornings like this one pictured below.  Makes the walk to art school very enjoyable.


The colours of winter skies and frost covered trees glittering is simply too gorgeous!  I spent a good while quietly looking out over the art school from the staircase that leads down from the painting department, I had never seen it look so mesmerising.  A blanket of snow can completely change an entire landscape and it reminded me of a quote I read about Finland in Peter Davidson’s book ‘An Idea of North’:

“There is an idea in Finland that it is good to sit in silence as the light goes, to observe nightfall as a time of contemplation – ‘pitää hämärää’, ‘keeping the twilight’”[1]

As night time falls over the sky, work still carries on in the studio though and my mind is still full of patterns…
With January drawing to a close all I can think of is getting home to Shetland for a couple of days of festivities for the Islands most spectacular and eagerly awaited night, Up Helly Aa!  An experience that everyone should definitely have at least once in their lifetime because, oh my is it some fun!!

[1] Davidson P.  The Idea of North.  London: Reaktion Books; 2005.Pg.171

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