Copper sulphate is an amazing material to use and I love experimenting with it.  I was making some crystals using a copper sulphate solution and having previously done this on seaweed for a large scale sculptural piece I was interested to see how they would stand alone without having a surface to attach to, they turned out really well and grew to a fantastically large size and the mesmerising blue was even more intense than I’d seen before.  I needed to encapsulate them before they began to oxidise (which results in the crystals taking on a cloudy appearance and dulls down the vibrant blue) so I decided a clear casting resin was a great way to do this.  I’d never worked with resin before so this was excellent to try out and the end result worked fantastically, which in turn resulted in a very happy me!

When I was in living in Finland, as the Spring slowly crept in and began melting away the Winter the ice blanketing over all rivers, lakes and the sea began to crack and separate into these huge shards of ice.  These memories were definitely prominent for me whilst I was making these pieces…Here’s a few snaps of the finished pieces.

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