4th year is definitely underway!  My dissertation is coming along nicely and I’m finding it surprisingly enjoyable, although taking up too much of my time that I would rather be spending in the studio, c’est la vie!  With my draft due at the start of December and the final thing to be completed by the end of January that is the area I am trying my hardest to keep my concentration on but studio work is still moving along too.  Recently I’ve been considering my net making within my practice and trying to decide what key elements I would like to concentrate on, I really enjoy the process of the actual making especially the weaving and addictive rhythmic pattern that you get into when hand netting so I decided to try and break that down into its simplest form – Shape.Making a net

The layering of line really interests me and at this stage i am still unsure of which direction my studio work will evolved on to but this idea of shape and pattern is definitely becoming prominent in my work.  I am enjoying experimenting and trying out new things in the studio under these themes and producing many studies, small scale paintings and larger drawings is allowing me to really get underway with this.

Study – Oil on board

Study – Oil on board (Detail)

Study – Oil on board

Pen on Paper

A gorgeous sky makes a fantastic backdrop for evening drawing in the studio

3 thoughts on “ Process and Pattern ”

  1. I’ve started doing a mixture of geometric shapes and lines next to drawings of knitting I’ve been doing, its so much fun and yeah very textile based…I’m just obsessed with line at the moment so I definitely share your love for it!

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