Whilst living in Finland I got involved with a public art project called Roskisgalleria, meaning Trash-Gallery.  The brief was to design images and themes to display on a large rubbish bin to be shown in a specific location within the city of Turku, the design had to be relevant to the location it would be situated in allowing art to be alive amongst the cities streets.  After completing the design process, I entered it along with a large number of other artists and was delighted when my design was chosen as one of the final ten.

Media text:

You Cannot Step In The Same River Twice – 2012

Since arriving as an exchange student in Turku I have been fascinated with the Aura River.  The river has served as a main resource in the rich shipbuilding past of Turku, also allowing the city to be built around and over it.  The fact that the river runs straight through the centre of Turku makes me view it as a life line and heart to the city, which in turn leads into the vast network of the Archipelago.  I chose the site at Samppalinna as it is situated right on this great river.

My design consists of photographs that I believe compliment the site and fit in well with the surroundings.  The main image on my design is intricate layers of ropes, I chose this to be the main focus as the detailed curves and flowing shapes of the ropes made me think of the winding river itself as well as referring to Turku’s ship-building past.  The image of calm waters shows the peacefulness of the surrounding and the feeling of serenity that comes with being around water and nature.  Whereas the image of a ships mast points the viewer toward to rivers use and how important it was and still is to the city of Turku.  I thought carefully about the name of my design and decided to use the words of the Greek Philosopher, Heraclitus, who said “You cannot step in the same river twice”.  I believe this to be very true as the river is constantly changing in so many ways.  In its appearance from ice covered Winter to flowing Summer and also in its uses as time and history goes on.

Initial design plans:

The finished design:

Me standing with my finished design.

The selected artists at the launch party.

In it’s final location.

More information on mine and the other designs used in the Roskisgalleria project can be found on the Turku City website:  http://www.turku.fi/roskisgalleria

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