Within my art I like to take inspirations from traditional crafts practises used within maritime history and fishing industries and tend to research these industries according to the place I am currently residing. Whilst living and studying in Finland I spent a lot of time researching the countries traditional fishing techniques and one that came up time and time again was the use of Gill-Nets.  I researched and spent time learning the skills to allow me to hand make the nets and discovered I loved the process of the making and the rhythmic patterns that emerged within the net.  I tried to look at the net making as a type of drawing, building up line and using it as a mark making process, as well as modifying these marks by adding new materials, such as copper sulphate for which I soaked portions of the large net in the solution to allow crystals to form around the rope.

Net making is still very much a focus of my work and I am currently developing these ideas further with new materials, such as Shetland wools, silver wire and fishing gut.  I will also attempt to make different types of net, including those made with a net making needles instead of simply hand woven, which will hopefully develop onto a final piece used within my degree show at Grays School of Art.

Gill-Net in stack.

Close up of knots.

Frayed edges.

Copper Sulphate crystals forming the Gill-Net.

Gill-Net in front of Oil painting.

Shetland wools, fishing gut and Net making needles, for experimenting with when making new nets.  

This Shetland wool was supplied by Lerwick’s own Jamieson & Smith, for more wool inspiration definitely check out my dear friend Ella‘s blog too.

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