My friend Harriet Lee-Merrion and I completed this installation to be shown in Brinkhall Manor in Turku, Finland.  The installation was part of a group collaboration of visual artists and musicians, all of whom involved were students at Turun ammattikorkeakoulu, Turku.  We worked closely with the fantastic musicians who were playing our chosen piece, fed off each others creativity and had a fantastic time collaborating together to complete this art work.

The aim of the installation was to explore the nature of live music and its relationship with the audience. Live music is transient and we can only experience it through the short time in space in which it is played. By creating physical plaster casts from the musicians hand’s we aimed to visually capture the somatic process of the musician making the music.  Like a three-dimensional photograph, the aim was to preserve the scene and make it available to the viewer to observe a fleeting moment in a preserved state.

The idea was that the audience watch the live performance of Idyll, by Glaznov next to the static installation. We then asked the audience to write or draw their response to the music on a label, and then to hang it onto the installation. By making the installation interactive, It gives us another dimension in which to review the experience of the event, and to extract something which would usually be a much more insular experience.

The installation allows us a multifaceted perspective in which we can view the piece of music objectively. The installation is a physical by-product of the experience, giving form to the exchange from the musicians to the audience.

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