I am lucky enough to have brothers who, along with their friends, love to fish.  Meaning I get their fresh catch straight to my doorstep to draw and paint before they get cooked up and served for tea.  I adore painting fish and will always be able to go back to it time and time again and find new inspirations.

It usually all starts with sketches and photo taking before I can begin thinking how I can compose these images into an individual painting or, in this case, a series.

Mackerel, 2011.  Oil on canvas

Gutting, 2011.  Oil on canvas

Filleting, 2011.  Oil on canvas

This series completed in 2011 was to show the process once the catch has been brought home.  I love seeing all the fish together in the baskets and fish boxes and looking through to see what interesting species are hiding amongst each other.  The boys then get to work gutting and filleting the fish to take home for tea.

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